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Not Just Another Brick In the Wall
By Mike Jordan Sr.

Mike Jordan Jr. Is a big fan of Volvos, getting the bug early in life from his Dad. He took his driver's test at age 16 in a 242ti. He is especially a fan of Volvo having owned 20 of them over the years, 7 of which were wagons. His latest began as a plain-jane 1992 245 with hubcaps, auto trans, and stock B230f motor. Mike is a body man by trade and has a sharp eye for paint and finish. The 245 was a straight Southern car with nice red paint and a black leather interior. His first mods were to install IPD swaybars, TME coil springs and Bilstein HD's all around. Next, he sourced a set of original Volvo Polaris 17" wheels, searching as far away as Hawaii to find a complete set of four. Buffing the paint to perfection, Mike now had a beautiful ride.

But Mike felt as if was something still missing. He wanted to put a turbo motor in, but all the junk yards wanted too much. He considered a V8 conversion but again too much money. One day Mike was lurking around Turbobricks and stumbled onto and article written by Kenny Howard called “THE COMPLETE GEEK'S GUIDE TO TURBOCHARGING YOUR B23F/B230F” or F+T as it has been come to be known. Mike read the article and realized this was the way to go. It was cheap and easy; or so he thought. He set out to find some junkyard parts for his +T. Sourcing stock Volvo parts from the local Pull-a-Part, he began to assemble the parts needed for his conversion.

With some help from his fellow Turbobrickers (Mike Haluska 740ATL, Mark Atchison black_swede, and his dad Mike Jordan Sr.), Mike Jr. would begin the + t conversion began in his garage. Mikes goal was to complete the project in one weekend, but the typical problems arose, especially routing of oil feed and return lines, oil cooler, and a junkyard T3 turbo. After 3 weekends of 16 hour days, it finally was finished, sourcing 740 Turbo fuel and ignition ECUs and intercooler and hose plumbing, and it fired up and ran, and ran well. Soon however, the T3 began blowing smoke out of the exhaust and Mike in frustration bought a brand new T3/T4 60/48 trim hybrid turbo and mated it to a machined flush 90 + manifold, flowing into a full 3" exhaust of his own design, using a Magnaflow muffler and no cat. This required Ford browntops and produced immediately a LOT of grunt which destroyed his AW70 tranny in short order. He replaced it with an AW71 and soon it was also a torque victim.

Meanwhile, high speed runs in the car were eating up tires and brakes, as well as suspension bushings. A complete set of IPD torque rods and Panhard bar was added as well as poly bushings all around and an IPD turbo cam. Mike Jr. and Mike H. tore into the car and added a BMW Getrag 5-speed tranny, fabricated the mounts, a stock-appearing M 47 shifter, stage 3 clutch, and an EZ locker for his 3.73 diff. New fuel and ignition chips were added thanks to Fred in Sweden, as well as an NQR intercooler and water injection, flowed Ford CFI injectors, and an Innovate LM-1 wideband to monitor it all. Along the way he also added E-code headlights with parking lenses and side lights.

The car is scary fast. Dyno run produced astounding numbers of 319 whp and 347 ft/lbs torque, and the most recent dyno run done by Kenny Howard produced a top speed run of 146 mph. Clutch and ignition issues have prevented optimal 1/4 mile times, but not bad performance from an over 200k+ B230f with stock head and bottom end. This is a car with a lot of blood, sweat, and beers in it , and Mike isn't finished with it yet. It remains an ongoing project of Volvo fun and he drives it back and forth to work everyday.

The plans for the future include a complete paint job with custom body work, Volvo R brakes, Garrett Ball Bearing T3/T4E 50 Trim, HIPO 8v chips, MSD box, Adjustable FPR.

I’d like to give special thanks to Mike Haluska, My Dad Mike Jordan Sr., and Mark Atchison for all there help and free parts. I’d also like to thank Sam Collier, and Kenny Howard for all of their inspiration, and hospitality.

  • Model: 1992 Volvo 245
  • Owner: Mike Jordan
  • Photographer: (himself)
  • Motor: B230F+T, 60/48 T3/T4 Garrett turbo with a ported exhaust side, Ported/machined flat/ 90+ manifold with bigger studs, NQR intercooler. CFI 46lbs. Fuel injectors, Walbro fuel pump, Modded APT internal wastegate valve for t3 5bolt,high flow 3” V-band. High pressure 30 PSI Wastegate actuator large diaphragm, large ca, Custom homemade 3” exhaust with V-banded down pipe, 3” 960 AMM with custom homemade intake & K&N filter, Flex-a-lite 16” 2,500 cfm Syclone e-fan, 3” row radiator, 160 thermostat, Water/methanol Injection homemade by 740ATL & modded to run off of the stock washer jug, IPD turbo cam, Fred’s LH2.4 ignition & fuel chips, Grooved 530 head, HEEBSPEED ratchet strap/HD motor mount.
  • Transmission: Getrag 5speed Transmission with homemade mount, Custom homemade by 740ATL Volvo M47 shifter made to fit a getrag tranny, Shortened custom drive shaft with HD u-joints, M5 rubber gweebo for the getrag, Kevlar 4 puck stage 3 clutch (POS) from Clutchnet, High clamp stage 3 pressure plate from Spec. Ez-locker locking differential.
  • Suspension: Full ipd suspension i.e. sway bars, adj. torque rods, adj. pan hard rod with poly bushings, Bilstein HD shocks & struts, TME lowering coils with one coil cut of the fronts.
  • Wheels & Brakes: 4 Original Volvo 17x7" Polaris Wheels and ATE power slot rotors
  • Cosmetic: Original red paint buffed out to showroom shine, e-code headlamps and turn lamps.
  • Interior: Original black leather interior, in almost perfect condition. Early style 240 turbo gauges, and enough room to fit a washer and dryer and shut the door.


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